My Favorite Printing Companies

Although there are quite a few online printing companies out there, the irony is that it's not that easy to find a good one. I've used large, famous printing services such as Vista Print but found myself dissatisfied. I've also tried quite a few smaller operations with mixed results. But recently, I found a relatively unknown printing service that I found quite impressive.

printing company

The company is called Printplace, and it doesn't offer as many print products as some of the larger competitors. That said, if you have pretty standard printing needs for things such as business cards, brochures, posters, and postcards, Printplace will be more than enough to meet your requirements. In my particular case, I needed some postcards printed for a local mailing. I chose this company just try them out, and also because there were some Printplace coupons available from many coupon sites.

The coupons I used for Printplace allowed me to get about 15% off on my order, which was nice. If you want to use the same coupon, you can probably still grab it by going online and doing a search. The price in general wasn't the cheapest out there, but it was still quite affordable. I was not entirely sure about the choice I made to use them, since I made the decision rather quickly after reading a handful of reviews online.

When I received the postcards, I must say I was quite happy with the quality of offset printing that was done. The colors were sharp, and the paper quality was quite good. On the whole, I am happy with Printplace and would definitely recommend them to other people.

As for companies that sell printer cartridges, I do have a favorite in that category as well. The website where I prefer to purchase my ink cartridges is Inkfarm. They have a wide selection and regardless of which printer model you have, you will find the cartridge you need at this company. Across the board, the prices are quite low at Inkfarm, but they too offer online coupons you can use to get an especially good deal (Get Inkfarm promotional codes here). This is particularly true if you already purchase remanufactured cartridges, which are discounted compared to regular OEM cartridges. By using Inkfarm coupons and buying remanufactured ink cartridge, I typically save something like 30% off what I would pay for a brand new cartridge. If you don't believe me, just check the prices charged by stores like Office Depot and Staples the next time you are at one of those stores. Then, compare it to what you'd pay online using Inkfarm. You will quickly realize that you can save quite a bit by using Inkfarm.